Always Remember, Pt. 1


The curtain was about to rise. A quiet audience, dapper and divine, sat in anticipation. The theater was dark save for red velvet and stage-light white.

Backstage, dust floated in the spotlight aimed at an actress.

“What’s my first line?” the star whispered frantically to the wings.

The stage manager smiled defiantly.

It was the perfect revenge. She dumped him, treated him like a tech nerd, and started dating the leading man. Maybe it was her turn to feel vulnerable and alone.

Holding the script against his chest, the stage manager shrugged. “You don’t know?” he whispered with exaggerated surprise.

There are things one should never forget.

Always remember the people who support you. Always remember that things can disappear in a preternatural second. Always remember how you treat people.

The curtain rose…

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