The Final Proof


Chanting or applause—
Is it idolatry or adoration?

If your life isn’t perfect,
learn to live
with the imperfection
in a perfect way.

Does the drip that slips
eclipse the beauty
or add to the visual?

Whether you’re the waiter,
or the waited upon,
give them a show—
genuine, not manufactured.

Be the protagonist,
with antagonist tunings towards injustice
rather than an antagonist
who chases a champion.

What’s your definition of perfection?
Don’t let them read it to you.
Write it for yourself.

Are you a millionaire in overalls
or a struggler in Armani?

Either way,
own it in a way
that is personal—not necessarily popular—
and revise when necessary.

Life is a full of first-draft moments
and how you learn from them
provides the final proof.

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