Stop Haunting Me Now

Beatrix:  So what are you up to tonight?

Beatrice: I think I’m going to drink a bottle of three-dollar wine, listen to some Billie Holiday and have a good cry.

Beatrix: That’s rather dismal.

Beatrice:…smoke cigarettes from a Zippo.

Beatrix: You need to cheer up and find some happy.

Beatrice: Why does everyone spend so much time being happy? It’s okay to be sad from time to time. Happiness is like antibiotics. If you have too much, you’ll become immune. Maybe we need to catch a virus from time to time to keep us fighting.

In the background, Billie Holiday sings “stop haunting me now” from “Good Morning Heartache,” throwing the word “haunting” like a streamer in the air. It rises, then descends lazily.

Beatrix: Well, I’ll let you be alone.

Beatrice: I’m never alone when I’m by myself. I’m an only child.

Beatrix: That’s good, I suppose.

Beatrice: Such sadness in her voice. There’s beauty in that melancholy, you know? I always think of the color blue-ish gray when I listen to Billie Holiday. Her music is like daytime dark, when it’s bright outside but through the curtains, it’s still dark inside your house.

Beatrix looked back as she left. She saw Beatrice staring at the bottle, picking off the label, as the song’s final verse played:

Good morning heartache/
You’re the one who knew me when/
Might as well get used/
To you hanging around/
Good morning heartache, sit down.

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