Absolute Zero


I’ve never been mainstream.
I exist more on the fringe.

I’m too casual for the professionals,
but too polished for the unwashed.

I’m too preppy for the hipsters,
but too out-there for conservatives.

I’m too fat for the pretty boys,
but too thin for the chasers.

I’m too nerdy for the status quo,
but too novice for the fan boys.

I’m overqualified for the job I don’t want,
but under-educated for the job I do want.

I’m too old to be a twink,
but too young to be a daddy bear.

I’m too Latin for hardcore racists,
but too “Anglo” for hardcore Latinos.

Absolute Zero:
enthalpy versus entropy.
Reduced to minimum value.

How about you?
What’s  your fringe?

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