On iCloud 9

Image I got a MacBookPro 13″ with Retina Screen this weekend and I have to admit, I’m on iCloud 9.

Honestly, I never thought I’d get one. I use my iPad Air for pretty much everything and, with a keyboard case, it’s pretty darn powerful and portable.

But I started a new job—one in which I am both virtual and in the office—so I really needed a laptop that actually worked when not plugged into the wall.

Yea, I’m talking to you PCs and your dead-after-one-year battery life.

I’ve had ad luck with THREE HP laptops. That was the initial impetus to migrate towards Apple products.

Our dog, Greta, even has an “iPawd” toy. lol

My Mac, to use the Mac Folk parlance, “just works.”

I don’t have obnoxious Windows updates. No system freezes. No God-forsaken IE. No daily regimen of SpyBot, AdWare and Virus Scans. Same goes for Android phones.

After getting malware on my old GS3, I gave up on them as well.

At any rate, I’m a happy computer guy. Now, onwards to the daunting task of picking out a sleeve from the gazillion on Amazon!

Happy computing everyone!

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