1.) Attempted Murmur –> 2.) Emote to Self


Attempted Murmur

I swear to {left blank for user-set diety) I wanted to yell.
Top of the mountains to a tree-lined audience.

These days, it seems everyone has an opinion
(whether you ask for it or not).

Ever find yourself constantly defending the things you like? Music? Movies? Beliefs?
Trivial and fundamental things?
It gets pretty old right?

Everyone treats you like a moldy kitchen sponge
and when you try to bring it up,
you’re the asshole.



Emote to Self

But what I forgot
on the almost-path to ruin:

There are so many great people
in your life
who care about you.

These amazing people
are worth the time and effort
spent to make
the best version of myself.

I want them to be proud of me
like i am proud of them.

There’s always a little panic
and anxiety
when it comes to self promises…
like a quote you scramble
to write down
before you forget it.

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