Scream on Mute

Scream on mute,
full of air,
eyes squeezed shut
heart rate pumping.

Steer clear, with compulsion,
of fear and revulsion.
Fists to the sky,
tantrum jumping.

Regret and remorse,
victim and victor,
agitating together–
wash cycle with a holy-water kicker.

Fear of the future?
The future should fear me
(as soon as I figure out
who I wanna be.)

Cracked at the seams;
Cracking support beams.

I’m such an asshole for having dreams.

I’m a card-carrying pessimist
and I’m sure I’ll lose the card.

Judge your life
by the theory of 10.
Decade by decade,
your fame vs. defeat.

Such comfortable repose,
like sitting among beasts
on a seat of raw meat.

Scream on mute,
full of blank,
eyes squeezed shut
stress veins jumping.

But I’m a good person
with a good heart…
and I mean well.

That has to count for something.

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