Hyper Prayer

In the name and in the blood of Jesus Christ, I ask for a Hedge of Protection from evil spirits, demons, bad energy and any negativity directed at me.

Thanks for everything you’ve given me. I never take anything for granted and try to appreciate the people and the world around me. Everyday.

I’m sorry for everything sinful I’ve said, done or thought.

I am sorry for giving into my demons and entertaining the demons of others.

Please allow me to breath under the cold water of intolerance.

Grant me enough confidence to hold my head high but deliver me from excessive behavior and wanton self-expression.

Protect my Mom, Dad, Kraig, Greta, the nephews, my family and friends from the stainless-steel claws of injustice, inequity and harm.

Please let me be successful but not at the expense of others.

Please let me dream of happy times but not so happy that I don’t want to wake up.

Please let my relationship with you get stronger everyday.

Please let me sleep.


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