When the on-ramp bridge crumbles

Part 1

Driving and driving;
slingshot acceleration.

You POP! towards
the possibility
of providence.

You enter the highway
and to your horror,
realize the aerial on-ramp
is cracked in front of you
and you don’t have time to stop.

You are not gonna make it this time, baby.

Part 2.

You want to get away
but every time you
grab the door handle,
you can’t handle it
and get away
from the door.

What a bore.
What a whore.

Part 3.

It’s like all of those
disaster dreams you have.
Only this time, it’s real.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. cjot says:

    i have had this dream (or nightmare if you will) before!!!

  2. Marc Rodriguez says:

    How did you fare in the dream? I had it last night and it scared the hell out of me!

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