The pieces of the puzzle

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a person comes into your life.

They make you see the world in a different light.
Colors are vivid and hypnotizing; the opposite of flat white.

So it’s the kind of thing
where I can be having a bad day.

You come around
and everything is okay.

Videogames, movies, TV shows and the pool.
Spoiling the hell out of you is the only rule.

You are brilliant and clever;
you are wise beyond your years.

It’s true.

If I ever had a son,
I’d want him to be just like you.

The pieces of the puzzle always fit,
like a pop-fly ball and a catcher’s mitt.

The recipe is always just right.
Never too salty. We never fight.

There is a flow to good friendship:
the road stretches into the horizon;
It’s easy and smooth;
straight and never-bending.

Despite the difference,
we’re always on the same page.


Full-moon bright,
shiny like a king’s crown…

Life is just way better
when you are around!

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