Temporary Whirlwind

I’ll be your temporary whirlwind.
I’ll let you push me around.
You can huff and you can puff.
I’ll let you blow my house down.

I’ve been down for too long.
I have energy to burn.
Is it right or is it wrong?
That’s for you to discern.

I’ll make you re-evaluate
your re-evaluations…

I’ll make you fabricate
to cover fabrications…

I’ll make you modify
your former modifications…

It’ll be a fairy tale
and I can be the villain.
Because heroes and villains
sometimes look the same.

I’ll get inside your mind
so quietly you’ll wonder:
“Have I accidentally
called out his name?”

But like cycles and icicles,
things have to end, and to melt.

Like pop stars and cop cars,
things rise and they flop.
It’s just so easy to spot!

My whirlwind starts
to lose the revolution.
The rush will simmer
down to paltry.

You’ll realize that I was just a trifle.
The MPG’s aren’t adding up the same.

The verses simply don’t support the chorus.
The lily pads will not support the weight.

Who is really in charge…?

The giver or the receiver?
The aspirin or the fever?
The lover or the lever?
The perception or the perceiver?

I’ll be your temporary whirlwind,

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