Winding Down

To create the perfect spiral,
the beginning tip should be low.

It’s important to have complete trust
in the foundation.

As you get higher,
you start taking chance…
Amazed at how quickly
the spiral takes off.

Whirring with fascination,
the spiral spreads his legs,
cramming adventure
and passion and intimacy aside.

Spinning in cycles,
countless revolutions
and vertebrae shaking,
calcium splashing in cycles.

Now, we must consider
the uppermost ring.

Muscular, thick
with a headline
that reads: “Apex reached.”

Then, it’s time for the fall.

Stirring up dirt and bacteria
from the Earth,
ripping out the spit out
of all lovers’ mouths.

The spiral runs out,
whirring into void; nothingness.
No conscience; erased.

Only to be forgotten in vapors.


Sept., 2000

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